2013-03-26 Local Harvest Egg Dyeing

This free natural egg dyeing class at the new Local Harvest Grocery in Kirkwood turned out to be popular, attracting lots of families with pre-schoolers.

The classes at Local Harvest are mostly free, designed for the general public, and in my opinion, are at the cutting edge of the local foodie movement in Saint Louis.  You can take the classes for free at the Kirkwood location, or you can wait and pay for them later at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

The classes are only offered at the Kirkwood location and here’s a link.  Be sure to patronize the store and pick up a little something for dinner while you are there: http://localharvestgrocery.com/kirkwood/?page_id=73

Beets make pink eggs, red onion skins make red eggs, turmeric makes yellow eggs, and purple cabbage makes deep teal colored eggs.

2013-03-26 Local Harvest dyeBecause you have to boil 4 cups of water with 4 cups of chopped up veggie material for 30 minutes, and then strain, and then soak the eggs overnight, maybe it’s best to simply show up at a free event like this where everything is already very nicely set up for you.  Nobody is busier than a mother, and nobody cares more about children’s food than a mother.  Stay away from food dyes; in my family we have this motto:  “No nuclear colors!”

2013-03-26 duck eggsHere’s an entrepreneurial idea: wouldn’t it be great to buy Ball Jars of different natural dyes, so all you have to do is  soak the eggs at home?  I’d buy it, and then happily pour the leftover dye on my compost pile.

These are duck eggs, (nice and white), along with leftover dye from the class that was kindly distributed for us to try at home. We used the duck eggs for easter brunch.

2013-03-26 Local Harvest produce

Thank you Local Harvest for being a leader in helping to repair the local food ecosytem in Saint Louis!

At the time of this writing, Local Harvest Grocery supports over 183 local vendors and farmers.  They have two locations, one in Tower Groves and one in Kirkwood, (plus two cafes);  once you see this cute little grocery, you’ll want one in your neighborhood too!