The one on the left?

The one on the left?

First a Quiz, and then the Lesson:

Guess which strawberry was locally grown, and which was imported?

Guess which was bred for size; and which for travel?

And finally, guess which one tastes better?

You’ll have to try this out at home to find out for sure!

But first, you’ll have to pick some local strawberries…

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Strawberry Fields Forever…

Many thanks to Thies Farms for posting the clever cut strawberries on their Facebook Page — Green Spiral Tours has hosted six field trips to Thies Farms, and recommends Thies Farms as the best place in Saint Louis to pick local strawberries!  Hot tip: watch for Strawberry Festival Day, when they bring out the tractor & wagon to help ferry folks to the fields.

Kids, especially little boys, love it!

Hop on board the strawberry wagon!

Hop on board the strawberry wagon!

Always call first, and go early to beat the heat and the crowds.  Here’s the GPS address, and because Thies Farms now has three locations, be careful to head for the MARYLAND HEIGHTS location, near Creve Coeur Lake and SportPort.

3120 Maryland Heights Expressway; 63146

(Formerly known as 3120 Creve Coeur Mill Road; 63146)


Here’s the Thies web-site with location and hours; and here’s the Thies Farms Facebook Page.

Check out earlier Green Spiral posts about picking strawberries at Thies Farms, beginning with the end in mind, including a strawberry misadventure, plus a lesson on how to catch toads in the strawberry fields.

Pick Me!

Pick Me!

If you’re looking for a more rustic and utterly charming strawberry experience, head for Lakeview Farms in St. Peters.

Lakeview Farms is a small operation, you’re driving along, driving along between strip malls, and suddenly boom, a little open space appears with this little sign on the fence:

Strawberry Farm, Turn Left!

Strawberry Farm, Turn Left!

Here’s the GPS address, and again, always call first, as even strawberry fields get tired, and sometimes have to take a nap! The nice thing about Lakeview is that they will let you pick berries in the rain.

Also, make sure your GPS says MEXICO ROAD, as apparently, there are two Lakeview Farms in the area.  People find these things out the hard way, but make special note, and you won’t have to:

Lakeview Farms

8265 Mexico Road; St. Peters 63376

(636) 978-8830

Here’s the web-site to the farm and here’s the strawberry report. And here’s Farmer Karl with a paying customer:

Ask Farmer Karl!

Ask Farmer Karl!

As mentioned, this is a small operation, so don’t expect any porta potties, and bring cash. While picking at Thies Farms is somewhat of a free-for-all, at Lakeview Farms, you will be guided to your own special strawberry patch, marked with a flag, and only because farmers know that each little strawberry is precious, and to be treasured.  It costs about $1.60 for a quart of strawberries, or $10 for a flat like this:

Take me home!

Take me home!

Don’t forget to bring hats, water and your rubber boots.  Oops, we did it again! We got into trouble!

Turns out, it’s not a good idea to let kids climb on tractors.  This is a real farm, and I reckon somebody could get hurt.

Oops, we did it again!

Oops, we did it again!

The strawberry picking window is short and sweet; and the chance to pick strawberries with kids might be even shorter and sweeter; so once school lets out, turn your thoughts immediately to picking strawberries and get those kids out into the fields!  Take lots of pictures and start taking in the good…

All for you!

Good for you!

Don’t let kids grow up without picking strawberries!

“More fun than an iPad” says this three year old!

Here’s your 3 second parting shot of Bix singing “Strawberry Bad Guys Forever…”