Log date: 2020-May

The Bird Sanctuary at Blackburn Park is a fantastic family field trip and here’s a new map not in our book of adventure maps. Put kids in duck boots, bring a snack and perhaps a toy sailboat. This is a fairly short and sweet adventure.

Blackburn Park is located in Webster Groves. Park at the parking lot on E. Jackson and look for the rainy day girl sculpture in the downhill corner of the park. Follow the path uphill towards the entrance of the Bird Sanctuary.

Singing in the Rain

Research your Missouri birds and Phoebe Snetsinger before you go, or just read the sign at the entrance of the Bird Sanctuary. All paths lead downhill, so go right or go left, and come back the other way to make a grand loop.

All paths lead downhill

Not too far down is a darling spring and a calm little pool. If it’s raining or it just rained the pool will be full.

Magical Spring

Hop on the rocks and explore the spring, the pool and the creek. Follow the creek to the next pool. Wander around and explore.

Save a little energy to return back up the hill to where you started at the entrance to the Bird Sanctuary. From here, you can cross the open soccer fields to explore the sink holes which are described in our book.

All paths lead uphill

All parks are great for all weather and all days, but Green Spiral particularly likes the Bird Sanctuary for a spring splash and the sinkholes for a fall treasure hunt.

Sanctuary for kids too!

ICYMI – Here’s our book on Amazon: ten family adventure maps for ten different months. The Blackburn fall treasure hunt map is in this book. Enjoy your adventure and let us know what you think.

Let the wild rumpus begin!