What’s a “Lightworker”? A Lightworker is anyone who brings light to the darkness, and works to bring peace and beauty to the planet.   These maps are currently under production, and are designed as conversation starters for your refrigerator at home, church or school. Soon to be published in book form on Amazon.com.  Enjoy!


The Westlake Landfill – America’s worst eco-disaster:

Just Moms COLOR 2018-04-05

Moms Demand Action – and the struggle for common sense gun legislation:

Moms Demand COLOR 2018-03-20

Why Missouri Matters: the tension between positive and negative stories.

Missouri Matters TITLE 2018-05-19

Not all maps are all dark, some are about Milk Chocolate: this map comes with several pages of description and is designed to be a an adventure map challenge to accomplish with a friend.  Color in each square as you check off each destination!

Chocolate Trail 2017-11-01 QUOTE

Some maps are “Berry Good Maps” — this one comes with a five page guide on picking berries in Saint Louis.  

Berry Good 2018-05-22 COLOR252

Central West End – Ladies Literary Walk; waiting for good weather

CWE WEB 2017-09-25

Preschool Gardens and Kinder-GARDENS: for the Newborn Family book of maps.

KinderGarden WEB 2018-04-11

West Baden Springs – ‘the most civilized place on the planet” – a romantic retreat 3.5 hours away near French Lick in Indiana.

West Baden COLOR 2018-04-02198

Private commissions can be negotiated in the $10 – $250 range:

Pershing Street COLOR 2018-03-29196

The commissions and maps make lovely little note-cards,

also for purchase: 6 notecards for $10.

Send an email to Green Spiral Tours for invoice or inquiries,



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Include return address.

Due to the “soft” winter, the strawberries

came in about two weeks early this spring.

We like to head for Thies Farms due to it’s prime

location.  Be sure to head for the Maryland Expressway

location, although Thies Farms offered U-pick

strawberries this year at the Hanley location too.

We like to pick near the playground, because the

strawberries are smaller and sweeter.

Look at this cool toad we caught!  To catch a frog or toad,

show kids how to put one hand on top of it,

rather than trying to cup it to catch it.

It takes some practice.  Make sure your kids

get a chance to catch toads and frogs,

it’s one of the great pleasures of life!

Several new families came out for the first

time this year, and many families came

out on their own to pick on other days.

It’s always amazes me that families often

already know each other.

Riding the tractor seems to be a highlight for

the boys especially.  We also had much discussion

of freezer jam, which makes an excellent teacher

appreciation gift at the end of the school year.

Watch the Green Spiral Facebook Page or go to

greenspiraltours@gmail.com and request to get on

the strawberry list.  The strawberry list alerts you

when the strawberries are ready in spring, and gives you

tips, like the date of the Strawberry Festival.

The strawberries were very abundant this year,

and strawberry picking is a favorite Green Spiral activity.

We’ll be back next year…

Thank you Thies Farms!