Friday 13 July 2012 – 

We returned to Lafayette Park and french

cafe “Rue Lafayette” for the third year in

a row, in keeping with the Green Spiral method.

(If you can’t make a field trip this year, it

is very likely to spiral around again next year.)

Meanwhile, we know lots of people track our adventures,

and venture out on their own, with friends.

Around Bastille Day every year, we like to celebrate

our rich french heritage with a visit to

“Rue Lafayette,” a french cafe serving

famous desserts and chocolate croissants

imported from Paris.

Rue Lafayette Cafe – across from Lafayette Park

2026 Lafayette Avenue; 63104

The nature connection

begins on the outdoor patio (dogs welcome!)

and continues at the pond across the street.

At Rue Lafayette, you can rent fancy little

sailboats (we got them for free) to sail on

the pond at Lafayette Park.


The swans and geese are beautiful,

but teach kids to respect these birds,

as swans and geese can be surprisingly mean.

Since storytelling is the language of nature,

a cautionary tale about a mean old goose snapping

at a wagging finger can really drive the point home.


Part of the fun of spiraling back

to the same great places

is watching the places evolve.

Like many parks, Lafayette

Park is “naturalizing” an area,

by planting in a less formal,

and more natural design, using

some native plants. Naturalizing

our parks is a fairly new trend

and one worth watching and

celebrating. This year, the park

is dry, and not so pretty, so no photo.


Just after Bastille Day, we explored our French Heritage

at “Rue Lafayette” a french cafe on Lafayette Square

that serves chocolate croissants flown in from Paris.

You can bring your dog to the cafe!

(This is me, Jessie Hoagland, along

with my boy Mack and puppy Lucy)

Rent little sailboats at Rue Lafayette, and sail them

on the pond across the street in Lafayette Square.

Many stories were told about the geese and swans

that call the pond their home..

One family happened to be travelling to Europe later

that summer, and was inspired to sail boats as was

the original inspiration for the Rue Lafayette sailboats!

Here’s the link for Rue Lafayette, great destination

for croissants, cafe au lait, quiche and dog lovers.

Tell them Green Spiral sent you.