Many people are surprised to discover an organic farm in Ferguson, and not just any organic farm, but one of the most successful organic farm schools in the Heartland.

2011-06-09 Health Soil Sign

Welcome to EarthDance Farms, located on the site of the old Mueller Farm, the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi. The Mueller family used to farm with mules and ladybugs, and continued to do so long after industrialized farming became the norm. Here’s a photo of EarthDance in 2011.

2011-06-09 Earthdance table

EarthDance was started by Molly Rockamann as a non-profit after Mrs. Mueller passed away.  Molly grew up in Saint Louis, went off to California to attend the “Harvard” of organic farm programs at the University of California in Santa Cruz, and returned to the Mueller Farm in 2008 to start a farm school.  Here’s Molly in 2011.

2011-06-09 Molly & young farmers

EarthDance is not just growing food, they’re growing a food culture along with a new crop of organic farmers each year.  Farmers in the apprentice program are called “Farmies”. A vast number of people, apprentices, customers, interns, staff and volunteers make EarthDance go.  They’re also an incubator for lots of local food entrepreneurs.  Ten years after Molly started EarthDance, it is now a bustling community with barns, pavilions and hoop houses.

2018-05-02 EarthDance Barn

The ways to connect with EarthDance are many, the programs are robust, and the offerings are top-notch.  Which you can check out here:

Green Spiral likes to visit EarthDance often, follow EarthDance on field trips to other farms, and attend lectures when thought leaders come to town. Here we are on a private tour for the annual “Healthy Happy Hour” in May.

2018-05-02 Party Van


You can join a free tour of EarthDance any Saturday by jumping on the “Jolly Trolley” at the Ferguson Farmer’s Market.  Details here:

Farming is hard work, and working organically takes food and farming to a whole new level.  You can help EarthDance with their mission by helping to cultivate a community that values fresh healthy food.  Start by visiting EarthDance yourself, and then by bringing your friends, and then their friends. That’s how it works! Experiences change you. Green Spiral will host another Party Bus Tour to EarthDance as a fundraiser, probably next May.  Be sure to get on the Green Spiral invitation list by sending a note to

2011 No Food No Farms




Sunday 15 July 2012 – EarthDance FARMs trip 

EarthDance FARMs is a celebrated urban farm

working to put the ‘culture’ back in agriculture.

Watch how EarthDance works with musicians,

artists, educators and non-profits to help cultivate

and create a vibrant food culture in Saint Louis.

Exciting news came out just before our field trip:

with the help of significant donor gifts, EarthDance

will now be able to purchase and develop the

Mueller Farm.   We love that, because now they

can build a toolshed, an educational center

and some restrooms!  For sure, Green Spiral will

be back for another visit, as lots of families

always ping in with interest.

The Mueller farm is one of the oldest organic

farms in the area, and preserving these fertile

farmlands is an important step in growing the food

movement.  We got to tour the farm with founder

Molly Rockamann and a large crowd; here is a photo

of Molly, and of the “three sisters garden”

created by one of the second year apprentices.


Want to get involved in the food movement?

Follow EarthDance FARMS and champion 

their work.  


Visit EarthDance on one of their tours,

typically held the third Sunday of each

month during the summer.


Support local farmers by 

shopping at local farmer’s markets and 

learning about local and seasonal foods.


Have friends over for dinner and share

food and recipes.  


Follow Green Spiral Tours 

as we spiral around the calendar to a 

new farm field trip every summer.