Welcome to Green Spiral Tours:

an eco- adventure school

designed to connect

families with nature,

and people with their planet,

through fun family field trips,

and adventure maps.


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Field trips spiral the calendar,

 and are one-of-a-kind,

off-the-beaten track adventures

in the Greater Saint Louis area.

Typically a $10 / family donation

is requested as a tip

for the trip leader.


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Founded by nature teacher

Jessie Hoagland in 2008,

Green Spiral Tours offers a way

to supercharge your learning

about all things green in Saint Louis,

in the company of curious

and like-minded others.



Feb 2017

marks the beginning of

Year Eight

for Green Spiral Tours,

and while families remain the central focus,

everyone is welcome

on any adventure at any time.

We have plenty of grandparents, nannies,

architects, landscapers

and yoga teachers on

any given adventure.




To find out about the next field trip,

join the Green Spiral invitation list

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Emails come out about once per month,

or when inspiration and synchronicity





The emails are fun and educational —

they give you the bigger picture,

while the field trips bring

big ideas

down to practice.



Lots of people are inspired

to follow along

with their own adventures,

at their own pace,

and on their own schedule,

based on the newsletter.


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Unplug, play with your city

and get connected

to nature and each other.




Scroll down to see where we’ve been,

and to collect ideas

about where you can go

on your own.


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Because “less is more,”

keep a sharp eye out

for Green Spiral emails,

and know that your email address

will never be sold or shared.




Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!