Welcome to Green Spiral Tours, a “family adventure school” designed to connect families and nature through free and affordable field trips throughout the Saint Louis region.

Field trips spiral the calendar, beginning with green building tours in January, moving into playground and berry picking trips in spring, venturing out on food & farm tours in summer, and enjoying kayaking and hiking adventures during late summer and fall.  Field trips are one-of-a-kind experiences, and typically off-the-beaten track.

Founded in 2008 by nature teacher Jessie Hoagland, Green Spiral Tours offers a way to supercharge your learning about all things green in Saint Louis, in the company of curious and like-minded others.

2015 marks the beginning of “Year Five” for Green Spiral Tours, and while families remain the central focus, everyone is welcome on any adventure at any time (we have plenty of empty-nesters who would be happy to hold your baby!) Green Spiral is fundamentally an experiential eco-literacy program, using Saint Louis as our learning playground.

Young families remain the focus, as they are a particularly important, but challenging audience to serve, primarily due to busy work and nap-time schedules.  If you are an institution looking to partner for grant funding, know that you have found the original modern family nature club in Saint Louis.

To find out about the next field trip, get on the Green Spiral email list by submitting the form below.  The emails come out once per month, or when inspiration strikes, and they are fun and educational to read, whether or not you can make any particular field trip. The emails give you the big picture; the field trips bring the bigger picture down to practice.

For those of you wanting a deeper engagement, contribute below and become a Green Spiral member. Membership means you get a few more emails, (but not too many), invitations to special scouting tours not offered to the larger group, and the chance to help steer the direction of future tours and times.  Green Spiral seeks to connect and empower families so they might have a bigger & more cohesive voice in the design of our great city.

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Unplug the family, play with your city and get connected to nature! Scroll down to see an archive of where we’ve been, and to collect ideas about where you can go on your own. Sign up for the blog to harvest the learning and get a debrief after all Green Spiral field trips. And because “less is more”, keep a sharp eye out for the occasional Green Spiral email, and know that your email address will never be sold or shared. Of course, you can always follow the Green Spiral Tours  Facebook Page for spontaneous adventures, movie alerts, and happenings about town.

No matter where you go, or what you do, always bring a friend, for as our very own Mark Twain once so famously quipped:

“To have the full measure of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”

  2012-09-08 pink ducky race 2012-05-12 Thies Farms Frog


                             Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

For lack of other place to put this – Upcoming Calendar Items of Note around Saint Louis:

Dec 2, Wed 7:30 pm – Sponsored by Gateway Greening: “Can You Dig This” documentary Ronnie’s 20 Cine in Sappington, MO  Can You Dig This?