Green Spiral Tours fills a niche

by offering unique and

off-the-beaten path adventures

in the Saint Louis area,

typically with a green

or sustainable theme.


2010-05-25 Hans Strawberry Picking


Tours spiral the calendar,

are offered about once a month,

and families are invited directly by email


We Love the Pink Duckie Race!


A $10/family contribution is

sometimes requested,

but not always.



After each trip,

a blog is published to debrief the trip,

and so that other busy families can catch up

at their own pace,

and on their own schedule.


2012-08 clara and melanie


We also publish

adventure maps,

which are easier and faster to digest

than the blog.


Citygarden COLOR 2016-11-17


Each map comes with a

“Journey Guide”

which tells you exactly where to park,

and hints about what to look for.

The Adventure Maps

are sold in book collections

on Amazon.com

See the Adventure Maps Page

for more information

about the adventure maps.


Tower Grove BLUR 2016-09-01


The Green Spiral Tours Facebook Page

 posts ideas for adventures

on an ad-hoc basis.

You can “talk” to us there

and ask for a digital map,

and Journey Guide.


Tower Grove SideB


If you are an institution

looking to partner for grant funding,

know that you have found

the original

  family nature club

in Saint Louis.

We ask for 1%

of your grant funding

in exchange for

real feedback

from real families.


2015-05-22 Butterfly House (9)


We also make money by creating

original adventure maps,

charging about

$250 per map

(We keep the copyright)




Above is Angela Wildermuth,

one of the Green Spiral Nature Guides,

And below is Jessie Hoagland,

founder of Green Spiral Tours.


That's me, Jessie, with Virginia as we pick strawberries


If you have a high school

or college student

who is interested in animals and nature,

we have unpaid summer internships.

The intern’s job is to scout new maps,

and data check old maps.


2016 Ellie 2


And here’s a podcast

that explains a little more

about what we do

Environmental Echo


1998-05-30 jxn hand age 2


Join us

in exploring

your place on the planet,

and in making

this world

a more

beautiful place.


Logo Green Spiral

logo and name small green spiral


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ali Shapiro Says:

    Jzika, It’s Ali Shapiro, author of the Roots of Going Green. You left an Amazon review of my book. Thanks for reading, your enthusiasm and commitment to sustainability. I’m so inspired by your work. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!

  2. jzika Says:

    I highly recommend that readers check out Ali Shapiro’s book “Roots of Going Green”. It is a thin, quick read but contains a depth of understanding. Along with a few books coming out from the Bioneers, it should be on every serious educator’s bookshelf.

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