Welcome to Green Spiral Tours!

Started in 2008 by preschool nature teacher Jessica Hoagland

Green Spiral took hundreds of families on hundreds of field trips,

morphed into a creator of adventure maps,

and then closed during the 2020 Global Pandemic.

Jessica has a Masters of Teaching

with a specialization in Interdisciplinary Studies

from Webster University.

She also holds a Master Ecologist Certification

from the Litzinger Road Ecology Center

and taught preschool at the Clayton Schools’ Family Center from

2003 – 2008.

If you’re looking for a small learning group speaker,

Jessica will bring the “Magic of Saint Louis” to your doorstep

along with a selection of adventure maps for you to keep,

for a fee of $125.

Send inquiries to GreenSpiralTours@gmail.com



You can buy the Urban Wild adventure maps on Amazon,


Or buy the “Magical World” adventure maps

and the “Fly Away Home” Graduation Maps

from fine establishments in Saint Louis… soon!

(May 2023.)



We Got Maps

¤Love your Place on the Planet!

1998-05-30 jxn hand age 2



4 Responses to “About”

  1. Ali Shapiro Says:

    Jzika, It’s Ali Shapiro, author of the Roots of Going Green. You left an Amazon review of my book. Thanks for reading, your enthusiasm and commitment to sustainability. I’m so inspired by your work. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!

  2. jzika Says:

    I highly recommend that readers check out Ali Shapiro’s book “Roots of Going Green”. It is a thin, quick read but contains a depth of understanding. Along with a few books coming out from the Bioneers, it should be on every serious educator’s bookshelf.

  3. Alissa Duel Says:

    Hi, where did we kayak last year? Ava and I would like to do it again this Labor Day!

    1. @jzikah Says:

      Hi Alissa! The answer is Courtois Creek near Steelville. I’ll send you an updated map and guide. Anyone else who wants to kayak, check the blog, as it was updated last week. Yes, if you live in South City, you can kayak on your drinking water! (Or beer water).

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