Graduation Maps for Sale!

Add your Own Color!!!



May is graduation month, so please enjoy the

first & only High School Graduation Story-Map of Saint Louis.


This map is a culmination of all good things about being a kid in Saint Louis,

combined with the many classic American teenage foods

that were invented or popularized in Saint Louis.


Saint Louis is an amazing city for families and children,

and this map sends graduates off into the world with an appreciation

and love for their hometown.


The map is for sale in packets of ten on a tear-off pad,

suitable for parties and for practicing your art.

Use your sharpie to draw yourselves, your family and friends

as stick figures on the maps,

and color the maps with colored pencils —

thus creating one-of-a-kind personal art mementos

of childhood and teen adventures.

Perfect for graduation parties or Sunday family activities!


The maps come to life when colored,

and are perfect for posting on your refrigerator,

social media account or dorm wall or door.

Be proud of your city!



Packets of the “Fly Away Home” story-maps come with this guide

printed on the back of each map

to help students better appreciate their city:



Packets of the story-maps are available at:

The Nook in Ladue

The Webster Groves Bookshop


Also available for immediate download on Etsy





Ta Da! Please enjoy the one and only Graduation Map of Saint Louis. This is a culmination of all good things to be found about growing up in Saint Louis. It was created to help your student “fly away” with strong roots from home. #FlyAwayHome



You can buy a nifty magnet for the dorm refrigerator at the Nook in Ladue for $15

The Nook



Green Spiral Tours has five of the above shopping bags left for $10 each

Pick one up at the amazing Green Spiral studio near the Lion Gates in UCity!





Here’s an adorable small pillow you can buy on Zazzle for about $35 each.

It is 12″ x 16″ and very durable; it makes a perfect car pillow or dorm room accent pillow.

Zazzle Fly Away Home Pillow


“Fly Away Home” is the one and only Graduation Map of Saint Louis.

Saint Louis is an amazing city,

and for those who want to take a deeper dive,

here’s the decoder guide for the story-map:



It’s fun to watch Saint Louis fall in love with itself,

and sometimes young people go away to find out there’s no place like home.

Isn’t life funny that way?




Log Date: 2019-May-28

Fly Away 2019-05-15 COLOR

Saint Louis is a magical world for children and a wonderful place to grow up. This map invokes formative childhood memories of Saint Louis and celebrates teenage touchstones and interests.


Turns out, Saint Louis has invented a lot of teen-friendly foods.  First you make the map, and then the map tells you what you see.  You never know what that might be!

Here’s the story guide that goes along with the “Fly Away Home” map:

Fly Away Home Story JPG

Loyal fans and followers are welcome to download and printout the story and map for personal use.  If you’d like a small poster, there is a limited number available at The Nook, a gift and gathering space in Ladue that benefits St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Nook Advert 2019-05-28 WEW JPG

You can also be the first to buy these adorable pillows from Zazzle and send your student off with hugs from home.

The pillows are 16″ x 12″ and have the “Fly Away Home” image on the front plus a quote from our great poet T.S. Eliot on the back: “The end is where we start from.”


Pillow from Zazzle -1

Pillow from Zazzle -2

Here’s the link for the pillows, they are priced at around $30.

Fly Away Home Graduation Pillows


It’s fun to watch Saint Louis fall in love with itself, and if you’re like me, or Ferris Bueller, you know that life moves pretty fast, and you have to stop and look around once in a while. If you don’t you just might miss it.  #FlyAwayHome